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Project Background

Nike retail stores display beautiful looks on their mannequins and display tables. However, at times the items may not be located near those "looks." In high traffic doors, consumers have found that asking for help from Athletes (store employees) can be difficult due to the volume of people. Some stores have reported waits times over 30 minutes.

How can we help the consumers get the information that they need and items to try on/purchase more quickly and efficiently?


Consumer Solution

The Nike App provides the consumer the ability to scan a QR code associated to the look which pulls up the items and provides the ability to request specific items to try on or purchase without having to speak to a store Athlete.

However, in order to have those looks and items available to the consumer, there has to be a way to create those looks. 

Nike Look Builder

Nike Look Builder provided Athletes the ability to put together looks for their retail stores that consumers could then scan the QR code in front of the look to get product information.

For this project the wireframes were already established by my talented UX colleague. My role was to design a UI that was consistent in look and feel of the Nike App (at the time) all while staying within a very tight project timeline. 


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