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Creative Director


Responsive website (UX & UI)

Social media content

Promo videos

Apparel design

Marketing materials


2020 - Ongoing


Who is Faction Play

Faction Play is Dallas’ premiere collection of coaches integrating play back into workouts. Functional weight training and body movement that aims to build and stretch your body to work at optimal performance.

The Ask

This project was similar to a start up where we were starting from scratch and all aspects of creative was needed. I was very excited to work with Faction Play because not only do I believe in their vision but that I also was given full creative control. This project allowed me to expand into all my creative avenues and bring my vision to life.

Website & Design System

My intention was to create a clean and modern website that allowed the strong black and white imagery to be the hero. The website includes a booking platform, member sign-up, shop, and ability to take payments. 
“When we think about it, playgrounds are where many of us had unconsciously created no limits or rules. Playfulness and fun was once the purpose and over time, that had gone missing. This was why Faction Play was formed. I wanted a platform built for freedom and creativity at its highest form. Faction Play is a community where PLAY, love, and purpose are encouraged.” 

Chester Okeke  - Founder

Social Media

The goal for Faction Play's social media is not only to promote their training and services but to also show more intellectual and creative depth. This idea of bringing PLAY back into people's life's is more than just working out. It's a lifestyle shift that brings back curiosity, learning and growth.

Instagram Stories


Promotional Videos

To help tell a story and build Faction Play's brand, I created promotional videos using a mixture of Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Below are a few of many.

"The Thought"


"Forever Play"


"Beach Play"



I dove head first into creating the Faction Play Merch line. The intention was to create a collection of clean designs and a whole lot of swag. You can wear it to the gym or in your everyday life.
Visit Faction Play Shop​ to view full line. 
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Marketing Materials

Minimalist and clean design for business cards, invite cards, and merch bags.

Business Cards

Front General Copy 8@2x.jpg
Front Copy 8.jpg

Invite Cards

You're Invited Front Copy 4@2x.jpg
You're Invited Front Copy 5@2x.jpg

Merch Bags

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Paintings & Drawings